Energy Diet Trimaran Project

Tempest is an immense fan of the Energy Diet Trimaran concept and of  the expedition 
and the crew! 

Follow the link to read all about this adventure.




Tempest's Sailing Highlights 

Follow the highs and lows of a yachty's life, from bilge-rat to yachtmaster - hopefully, one day ....



Yacht Club Facilities Assessment

We know how to rough it, but sometimes we want to be comfy, right?  Like after having been on the water for 14 days, hair hanging over our eyes like sea-weed and with dirty toe-nails?  So what would we like to find at the yacht club adorning our next port of call? 

Let's talk about it and ask for what we want. 



Crew Creator

Good crew are made, not born.   
Aren't they ... ?